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Our Engineers

Jerellé Jules

Mix Engineer/ Music Producer


With over 10 years in the business Jerelle has mixed the likes of Katy B, Florida and many more!



Mix: £150

Master: £30

Production: please enquire

George Lunt

Music Producer


Leeds based producer George Lunt aka Leodis takes his rhythmically driven music inspired by the sights and sounds of the budding capital of the North. He has branched across a variety of mediums during his time at university including photography, sound engineering and film - all complimenting his unique style and vision. The success of his first release on Lantus recordings lead to him being first port of call for remixes at the Spanish label. Last summers Balearic record ‘Azure’ caught the attention as far afield as South America, eventually being snapped up by Mexican newcomers Border Beats Recordings. ‘Rendezvous’ again comprises of a unique and foreign set of sounds, making it perfect for the newly born label ‘Foreign Language’. The future looks bright for this 21 year-old.